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We are giving you open opportunity to share your article on any topic related to technology  Blogging ,SEO ,Wordpress ,Coding , Digital Marketing ,Linux ,other OS and legitimate things like that.

What you will get??? Top advantages of writing Guest Post :

  1. Free Backlinks and credits : We will give you credit at the top and end of article via Author bio Box. This will help you to get backlink, Traffic and most important exposure to boost your website traffic.
  2. Writing guest post will give you lots of exposure and visitors from our website + social networks .

Your Content ,your Credits : We socialize your content on FB page.So,you will receive direct traffic exposure.

Read following guidelines before you submit any guest post :

  1. Use high quality images because images don’t require as such language to speak ,also add screenshots if your post is about any tutorial.It will be more informative and post will be more interesting.
  2. Your post should be well formatted and in easy language so anyone can easily understand.
  3. Should not contain affiliate links.
  4. Your article should be original and should not be published anywhere.If we found any pirated content ,will be immediate ban.
  5. Guest post should be of minimum 600 words ,try to write at least 900+ words in a post.
  6. Write any guest post related to technology but do not write out of the topic and also should not be about any promotional software or product.

Now How to post for :

If you agree and understood all the guidelines mentioned above, you can submit your guest post by :-

  1. First Registering on intenseclick.
  2. You will see a message – “Upon registration , your request will be sent to the site administrator for approval. You will receive an email with further instructions.” .Our team manually review each user profile and then approve ,to fight spam.
  3. After your registration approval on intenseclick ,goto to  dashboard –> new post –> Write your content –> then post it.


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